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The Dream Chaser® Spaceplane Will Enable a Future in Space—For All

Thirty-fourth president of the United States and former five-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have…

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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day: Meet Sierra Space VP of Engineering, Pat Remias

This month, we’re celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. The June 23rd holiday got its start in 2014, 95 years after the Women's Engineering Society was founded in the United Kingdom.…

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Cotton Grown in Space with NASA/Sierra Space Plant Growth Technology

Growing gardens isn’t just for the earth-bound. Astronauts on the International Space Station have the opportunity to enjoy a little greenery using Veggie, which is a piece of technology we…

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How Stephanie K. is turning our Labs into World Class Facilities

Employee Spotlight: How Stephanie K. is turning our Labs into World Class Facilities

  Stephanie K. has been working for Sierra Space for less than a year, but in the time she’s been with the company, she’s turned two of our Dream Chaser® spaceplane labs into world…

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Employee Spotlight: Sierra Space IT Professional, Emile N.

When he pictured his future, Emile N. always saw himself working in the medical field. Today, the IT professional is grateful Sierra Space hired him on as an intern before…

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Sierra Space Installing the ‘Universal Bridge’ to the International Space Station

We’re on our way to fully installing the Passive Common Berthing Mechanism (PCBM) on our Shooting Star® service module. Shooting Star is an attachment to the Dream Chaser® spaceplane and can carry an additional…

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Veteran Todd

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Todd, a Sierra Space Program Manager

When you think of Wisconsin, a booming aerospace industry probably doesn’t come to mind. In fact, the number of people who work in aerospace in Wisconsin is a tiny fraction compared to California,…

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Where there’s smoke, there isn’t always a fire department — How Smoke Detectors can save a mission aboard an autonomous vehicle

It’s something a team of engineers and technicians at Sierra Space are working on for our Dream Chaser® spaceplane… yet, they hope to never see it used once aboard. We’re talking about…

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